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 South Palm Beach chapter of SCORE and especially to Hal Finkelstein for all your help

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1. What is Face2FaceExperts?

  F2Fe is an information, advice, counseling and help site where our guests can find expert advice through our live webcam platform from the convenience of their home, office, or mobile device.F2fe is open 24/7 to work with your schedule.

2. How does it work?

   It's simple.  Choose a category in which you need help then read the bio's of the experts in that category. Then check the expert's calendar and schedule an appointment . A link will be sent to you once the expert confirms your time. At your appointment time just click on the link provided and your expert will appear. If you need someone in a hurry see if an expert's "Online Now" light is on.

3.What makes F2fe different from other 'help' sites?

   The search for help on the internet is a faceless task. While some sites do provide answers for the most simplistic questions, when you need to feel confident in the source of your information there is no better way than to be able to see, hear, and speak with a live expert.We call it the human experience.

4.How are the fees determined?

   Each expert determines their own fee. This is expressed on the individual expert's page as  a  "flat rate"or a no charge session depending on the what the expert offers on their page. This way you will always be able to know what a session will cost before it begins.

5. How are the experts vetted?

   All experts are required to provide proof of their expertise before we list them on the F2Fe site. And thier qualitfications are listed on their individual "bio"page.We suggest trying a couple experts in their field til you find the one you are most comfortable.

6. Is my session and c/c information secure?

   Yes, all our systems—from webcam to credit card information to our servers—are secure.F2fe saves none of your c/c or session information, unless you choose to archive the session.

7.Is there a system to rate the Expert and the session? And is there a way for me to provide feedback directly to F2fe?

   We hope you will take the time to let the expert know how you rate their service to you We have provided a feedback form for you to rate your expert. And in the "Need Help?" section you can submit your concer,n which we will review, directly to F2fe.

8. I am concerned that I may not get all the information during the session, is there a way to archive the session?

   Yes you can. We know that sometimes it is difficult keep track of information as it is coming in. So, we have set up an option for you to have your session archived at a reasonable charge for up to thirty days for you to review at your leisure. Prompts will be provided.

9. Can I make outside contact with an expert off the site?

    Yes. We hope that you find an expert with whom you can establish a long-term relationship. We do provide  an opportunity to confirm that you have agreed to hire the expert off-site and will be working privately.

10. Will F2fe have any special events, programming,or invitation events?

    F2fe is excited about programs , specials and special guest events. Our member guests will receive an invite to participate in these special events.

11.If I have an idea or want a expert in a special area of interest to me  can I submit it for consideration?

.   F2fe welcomes your suggesstions on how we can improve your experience. We will contact you  directly to see if your idea can be implemented.

12. Will F2fe be having any community activity?

   F2Fe is planning to have a social community forum where you can meet with each other and with experts to have discussions about subjects you consider important.And and to add your thoughts.

13. I may be in p.j's, or feel a little uncomfortable about being seen by the expert can I remain hidden?

   Yes,it's up to you. You may view the expert only and remain unseen by him or her . You can just choose to use  the audio from your side.F2fe wants you to be our comfortable guest.