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Dear Prospective Investor,

Let me share a few facts about Face2FaceExperts (F2Fe).

F2Fe is the only site to utilize webcam technology to broker an online meeting between a client and an expert, and to make this available to the public at large, operated as a for profit company.

Here are a few advantages that F2Fe enjoys:

1. Continuous cash flow  

2. Self perpetuating income  

3. Constant flow of new products 

4. Huge audience 

5. No inventory problems  

6. Scalable and adaptable

7. Multiple income streams  

F2Fe knows that the information market place is demanding personalization. While text-based models serve a need, they are limited. People want to see, hear. and talk with the source of the information they receive and will pay for. F2Fe is filling that need.

F2Fe identifies a robust and huge marketplace that is not being served by existing methods. F2fe provides an alternative method of communication to serve that audience.

Please contact me if you want to learn more about



Richard Krigel, Founder

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